Enjoy live on your phone with lovely pets

Why Is It Special

B.P. Friends

First, let's pat it down pets and then appears interest emoticons.

Second, let's pat it stroke pets and to listen to the sounds of pet's mind.

Finally, let's pat it circle pets and then pets dance.


Draw pictures by fingers and hand-write important stories with decorate with fancy and pet stickers.

And then Play the completed doodles and enjoy the process of make it and then share it!

Photo diary

Put a record on the photo other paintings as well.

And then, write and paste finally, save and share it.

Our Best Propositions for You!

Whole world changed from analog to digital.

But all digital want to analog.

So, we make Buddy Pet from the analog esthetic.

The BuddyPet will change everyone's life that easier, faster, more emotional value.



BuddyPet - Enjoy live on your phone with lovely pets.